Boycho Popov

Boycho Popov started his career as a journalist in 2000 at Wirtschaftsblatt. He’s covering Bulgarian and international capital markets news. He is passionate about tech companies. Before joining where he is an editor-in-chief, Boycho worked as an editor in different economic  media companies.

He has an award for journalism from the Irish Empassy “James Bourchier” for his role in the social campaign against growing GMO plants in Bulgaria.

He believes that journalism profession, as well as teachers and medics, is a vocation. Master in Germanic philology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Boycho Popov, together with Elena Kirilova, is a host of the tech broadcast in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria – UpDate. He is also a of the tech segment in В Bloomberg TV Bulgaria morning show  Business Start.

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