Вероника Денизова
Водещ, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
Бойчо Попов
Главен редактор, Investor.bg и водещ в Bloomberg TV Bulgaria
Boycho Popov
Editor-in-chief of Investor.bg, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria Host
Lucian Diaconu
Sales Development Manager at Universal Robots A/S, Romania and Bulgaria
Tsvetan Alexiev
CEO at Sirma
Freddie Darbyshire
Digital Product Manager for New Energies and Emerging Digital Tech, Shell Research Ltd.
Tsvetomir Doskov
Chief Executive Officer of Sirma BC
Stefan Kolarov
Operational Director of eMAG Bulgaria
Kaloyan Georgiev
Solution Architect IoT, Schneider Electric
Tamas Babel MD Phd
Healthcare Expert, Medical and Market Access Manager, EIT Health
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