Freddie Darbyshire

Freddie Darbyshire works for Shell’s Digital organisation, as the Product Manager for New Energies and Emerging Digital Tech. In this role, his team’s main objective is to design, develop and scale deployment of digital products for Shell’s New Energy businesses and customers. He also supports adoption of valuable new and emerging technologies within Shell.


Over the course of his career as a Product Manager, Freddie has built multiple AI teams, products and processes for many of Shell’s businesses and customers. He has deep understanding of machine learning tools, techniques, technologies and platforms, as well as expertise in Data Innovation, Agile, product valuation and value assurance. He also has wide cross-functional knowledge of the Oil, Gas & New Energies value chain.

Freddie has also been a teacher and management consultant. Freddie is a keen musician and loves sailing, surfing and swimming. He is father to a 12 year-old daughter and is based in London.

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