Tsvetan Alexiev

Tsvetan Alexiev is CEO of Sirma Group Holding, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sirma Solutions Corp., Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sirma Business Consulting SA and member of the Board of Directors of Ontotext AD Daticum AD, Panaton Software JSC and Sirma Group Inc.

Tsvetan Alexiev joined Sirma as a software engineer in 1993. He went through various positions within the company such as – team leader, project manager, head of department. From 2002 he is the CEO of Sirma Group Holding. Tsvetan initiated the transformation of Sirma into a holding organization and reorganized the business from a service-oriented company to a holding company which manages investments in various businesses of the group, incubates and creates businesses, attracts investments and acquires new companies.
Mr. Alexiev is responsible for the overall management of the holding structure and the business development of the largest company in the group – Sirma Solutions SA.
Mr. Alexiev has completed a master’s degree in “Computer systems” at the Technical University of Sofia.

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