Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila Jordanova is the founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth, a Berlin-based startup developing an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest and a SaaS platform that helps businesses calculate, monitor and reduce their emissions. She also recently founded the Greentech Alliance, a community of 300+ startups which are connected to over 200+ advisors from VC, media and business, who help them monthly with advice and feedback. Prior to Plan A, she worked in investment banking, venture capital and fintech in Asia and Europe. She was recently announced as Marshall Fund Fellow for 2021 and 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur for 2020 by Forbes and Entrepreneur to watch in Germany. 

About Plan A: 

Plan A has developed the first Carbon Reduction Software which helps businesses calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint with 50% within a year. The system automatically builds each month a tailored sustainability action plan and offsetting schemes, according to the footprint of the company. The technology behind the software uses insights from the Plan A algorithm which analyses over 300,000 data points to predict and prioritise the most critical environmental issues and the way industries and companies impact these environmental changes. 

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